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Our other services

Outsourcing is our speciality

We offer a full range of logistics services and are always ready to help you find the best product for your needs.
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Our other services

Gramix also offers a number of other services to keep your business mobile. Contact us if you need help with outsourcing.
We offer co-packing services for other companies that need to better organise the logistics of their products. Our services include packaging, labelling and shipping.
Long-term storage
Provision of services for the collection and storage of goods under appropriate conditions over a longer period of time.
Distribution to end customers
Distribution includes transport of the product to the customer, storage, management of the goods in the warehouse and organization of the orders.
Transhipment of goods
Usługa polegająca on na przeniesieniu towarów z jednego środka transportu do drugiego, aby móc kontynuować dalszą podróż.

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