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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most important answers.
Are the transports insured?
In accordance with the conventions, each load is adequately insured. However, the liability of the carrier and the liability of the freight forwarder insure the goods at a basic level, which is why we offer our customers additional freight insurance from trustworthy insurers at favourable conditions.
What is the time of the transport?
The length of transport depends on factors such as the destination and the total weight of the goods transported. Each time we inform our customers about the planned delivery time.
I’m a private person. Can I order a delivery?
The contracting authority may only be an undertaking or a person engaged in an economic activity.
I want to change the delivery address – how do I do that?
Changes may only be made by the client by notifying them to the forwarding agent serving him.
Do you have licenses and certificates?
Gramix has the necessary licenses and certificates confirming professional competence. In addition, we have received a certificate confirming the reliability and credibility of our company. To get acquainted with them, we invite you to the bottom page.
What kind of goods can you transport?
The extensive fleet of trailers allows us to transport goods of various kinds. These include, but are not limited to: electronic appliances and household appliances, hydraulic presses and pumps, machinery and parts thereof, building materials, bulk material, cross-country loads, it means over-standard lengths (bundles, pipes, rods, logs, profiles, etc.) and many others...
Do you transport people?
Despite our wide range of services, we unfortunately do not organise passenger transport.
Which countries do you transport my goods to?
We offer national and international transport services in most Member States of the European Union, including the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain, Holland and Italy. We also offer forwarding services to countries such as Serbia, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland or Montenegro. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our entire field of activity.
How many pallets can fit on a standard trailer?
Standard transport trailers are 13. 6 m long, 2. 45 m wide and 2. 7 m high. Depending on the arrangement, 32or 33 pallets can fit (2 rows of 16 pallets or 3 rows of 11 pallets).
What are the transport costs of the pallet?
The transport costs depend entirely on the dimensions and weight of the pallet. We respond to each customer individually by optimizing costs accordingly.

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